Have You Received Notice Of An Adverse Report To The NPDB?

The National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) collects and reports information on physicians and other health care professionals to state professional licensing boards and certain health care entities. The purpose of the NPDB is to “protect the public by restricting the ability of unethical or incompetent practitioners to move from state to state without disclosure or discovery of previously damaging or incompetent performance.”

What Triggers an Adverse Report?

A report to the NPDB may be triggered by certain malpractice payments, disciplinary action against a state professional license, certain peer review findings, DEA action, and exclusion from the Medicare/Medicaid/Medi-Cal programs. A negative report to the NPDB can have an overwhelmingly negative impact on a health care provider’s career. In addition, a negative report to the NPDB can cause reciprocal action by state professional licensing boards and, in some instance, make it nearly impossible for a health care provider to obtain employment.

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