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Physician Contracts

Physician contracts with practice groups and hospitals are a complicated and critical matter. You may be tempted to rush into signing a contract after being offered another position or seek to leave a practice with whom you have a contract. However, now is not the time to take matters into your own hands.

Physician contracts are extensive and complicated. These contracts frequently include several terms and conditions that dictate how compensation will be calculated, work and call hours, equity in the practice, procedures for resolving disagreements, credentialing requirements, your liability and right to indemnification, restrictions on competition and solicitation, as well as several other terms and conditions. Breaking a contract could leave you open to a civil lawsuit and the enforcement of a restrictive covenant not to compete.

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Our firm understands the critical elements contained in physician contracts. We review and negotiate contracts with physician practices and hospitals. In addition, we assist physicians currently operating under a contract to enforce, modify, or terminate their contracts.