How Discipline or Prosecution Might Affect Your License

Your professional license can be affected in a variety of ways by many different acts. A minor criminal charge, a complaint from a patient, or even a nasty rumor can put your business in jeopardy. If you find yourself facing a criminal charge, you may wonder: “Will I be able to keep my license?”

At Kevin Cauley, P.C., we will do everything we can to assist you in protecting your license, including the license reinstatement process. We put over a decade of experience in health law to work, guiding you through the approach a licensing board may take to discipline. There is no guarantee that you will be able to keep your license; however, we will explore every option to help you try.

Attorney Kevin Cauley’s professional license defense experience gives him an intimate understanding of what is at stake for you and your case. His experience offers you creative solutions to conquer the biggest obstacles you have faced in your career.

Alternatives To Discipline Affecting Your License

We will work with you to avoid discipline altogether. Kevin Cauley is routinely called upon by criminal defense attorneys throughout California to strategize concerning creative case resolutions that allow health care practitioners to protect their license. In addition, in some cases, the Board will issue a public citation and fine instead of pursuing formal charges. This usually happens when a licensed health care professional is accused of a minor violation of law.

Put Our Experience to Work For You

We know how important your professional license is to your reputation and livelihood. To learn how we can help you protect it, call a lawyer at our Los Angeles office at 213-465-1153. You can also reach out to the firm online.