Credentialing & Medical Peer Review Attorney

As a doctor, you are dependent upon your hospital privileges to provide medical services to your patients. You should be cautious if you are asked to provide information to a medical review committee, as this information can lead to or end up as part of a peer review proceeding.

A peer review action alleging that you provided poor patient care or acted in a “disruptive” manner is a serious matter. An adverse finding in a peer review hearing may result in the restriction or loss of your license, a report to the National Practitioner Data Bank, and trigger collateral action by other agencies and professional organizations.

Our firm relies on our extensive health care litigation background to navigate through hospital bylaws, connections to some of the leading peer review experts in the country, and every ounce of due process afforded in peer review proceedings to provide our clients with a thorough and tactful defense. Further, we have significant experience representing physicians in “sham” (malicious) peer review actions, as well as actions before the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA).

We represent physicians before medical review committees, in peer review hearings, on appeal, in state and federal litigation challenging peer review actions, and in collateral proceedings stemming from peer review action, including reports to state licensing boards, the National Practitioner Data Bank, and other professional organizations.

Contact a health care attorney at Kevin Cauley, P.C., by calling 213-465-1153 as soon as possible if you are a physician or other health care provider and suspect that you may be facing a peer review action. Early intervention is essential to an optimal resolution.