Defending Your Professional License and Livelihood

Health care is one of the most highly regulated professional fields in the country. Allegations of misconduct, malpractice, or even a minor criminal charge can place your professional license in danger. When your reputation is on the line, we are here to help you defend your livelihood.

Our firm defends the licenses of health care professionals across California. Whether your case takes place before the licensing board or a criminal court, we can help. With 12 years of experience in the field, Kevin Cauley, P.C., provides comprehensive professional license defense when you need it most.

Aggressive, Comprehensive Defense of Your Medical License

We understand the stress you are under. We know the law is not always on the side of medical professionals, especially in California. However, we are ready to put in the work and put up a fight for you. We have the knowledge and experience to protect various medical professionals, including:

We are recognized in the legal industry for the work we do on behalf of health care professionals. Attorney Kevin Cauley’s peers have named him to the California Super Lawyers Rising Star list for four consecutive years.

We take a holistic approach to medical license defense, taking on both criminal charges and collateral consequences with the licensing board. You can also rely on our firm to find innovative solutions on appeal. Many attorneys will not litigate these cases. We will because we believe you should have a chance to defend your reputation.

Learn More About Our Holistic Approach

To schedule an appointment in Los Angeles, call 213-465-1153 or use our online contact page and request a consultation. We will go over the details of your case and outline how our approach can work for you.