As a healthcare professional, you can use social media to your advantage. Doctors and healthcare providers in California use social media as a critical element in marketing and communications. If you want to boost your organization’s engagement, utilizing different platforms is highly effective. However, even if you know how to navigate your social media, Nextech points out there are some mistakes that can cause a marketing nightmare.

One major mistake is having the platform for engagement but not engaging. If patients or guests leave messages or comments on your page, you should reply to those comments as often as possible. In some instances, a simple thank you may be enough. If you do not respond, you appear less personal. To avoid seeming impersonal, remember to post often. If you post very little, no one has a reason to follow you. However, you also want to avoid posting too much. To post too much may create the image that you have a spam page.

If you plan to use hashtags, make sure that you understand the meaning behind a hashtag. You may see a trending hashtag that sounds like it fits your business, but on the internet, not everything is as it seems. You could wind up tagging an innocuous post with something highly charged and political. Likewise, you do not want to be overtly political. Make sure to stray away from controversial topics. You do not want to rile up your patients or your guests.