As a working medical professional with an advanced degree, your first instinct may be to handle any trouble that comes your way yourself. However, in certain circumstances, it is not in your best interest to do so. If, for instance, you are facing criminal charges, it is time to engage a professional attorney to help you in your time of need. Whether or not the charges have anything to do with your medical career, the consequences for your work life can be severe.

While a criminal defense attorney can certainly assist you with your case, you may want to consider hiring a licensing attorney who practices criminal defense instead.

Special considerations for medical professionals facing criminal charges

A criminal charge or even being put on probation can have devastating consequences for your medical career that go beyond a judge’s sentence.

  • You could be called in front of a medical board
  • Your license can be affected or even revoked
  • You could be required to disclose the outcome of your case, as in the case of probation, to your patients
  • Your access to hospitals could be restricted, limiting your ability to practice
  • Your ability to prescribe and distribute medication could be called into question

A criminal defense attorney without knowledge in licensing will not be able to advise you in these scenarios. Choosing an attorney fluent in the nuances of both criminal defense and licensing is your best option.