When you receive word that your professional license is under scrutiny, you should get an attorney right away. License defense cases are often complex and require someone who understands this particular area of law. This can help to stabilize you and calm those initial concerns. However, you also should keep an eye on your mental health.

You may feel like a failure or be ashamed of the accusation if you have made a mistake. It can be a very solitary time when you pull back from everyone who could potentially help you. You may isolate yourself even from family.

The most significant risk to you at this time is stress. Just knowing you will have to face accusations that could tarnish your reputation and hurt your career is incredibly stressful. The impact this has on your mental health could be devastating if you continue to close yourself off from others.

This stress can lead to depression, anxiety, sleep issues, eating disorders and other mental health issues. The effects of it can be long-lasting. Once you move past the actual case, these mental health conditions may remain and affect your career and personal life.

It is important to understand that letting the stress get to you is not going to help your case. You need to be focused and do your part to ensure you can prove the claims wrong. You cannot stand up for yourself if you are failing apart mentally. So, after being named in a case, you should find a way to deal with the stress and avoid isolating yourself so you can avoid letting the stress take you over.