The anti-vaccine movement remains fairly strong in the country. While most California medical professionals understand the need for vaccinations and know the scientific proof backing the fact that they are more beneficial than harmful, there are still some doctors who are a part of the anti-vaccine movement. For those that are part of the movement, there are many pro-vaccine medical professionals who want them stripped of their medical license, according to Forbes.

There are some well-known doctors in the state who speak out against vaccinations and do not recommend them or give them to patients. There are also those who respect the rights of parents and let them fully decide if their children will get them or not. Some even have their own ideas that they share with parents about delaying vaccinations long past the recommended times. Much of the beliefs of these medical professionals is not based on scientific evidence but rather personal opinions.

Those who support vaccinations on schedule think these professionals are causing serious harm to their patients. In addition, they feel these doctors should have their licenses taken away.  With epidemics and outbreaks occurring in the state, it is not surprising they feel this way.

Protection through vaccinations is backed by science. If you are wary of recommending vaccines to your patients, just be aware that you could put your license at risk. If you are on the other side of things, then just continue to educate your patients and follow vaccination recommendations to protect your license. Even if a parent refuses, you at least made them aware of evidence regarding vaccines.