Last fall, the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) implemented BreEZe, an electronic processing system designed to streamline the licensing process for approximately 37 professional licensing boards, including the California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN). However, the process has not gone well and nursing applicants are experiencing significant delays.

We have received numerous calls recently from applicants experiencing problems such as: the inability to obtain authorization to sit for the NCLEX, delays with application processing and requests for additional information, and long lag times in obtaining licensure.  In addition, several applicants have expressed an inability to reach anyone at the BRN by telephone or email.  Our office has also experienced delays in trying to reach the BRN by telephone.  In fact, at one point, we encountered a voice message at the BRN essentially stating that they are experiencing technical difficulties, receiving and overwhelming number of telephone calls, and told instructed to our call again later – without the ability to leave a message.

Delays at the BRN have numbers of nurses who have completed their training programs waiting on the sidelines to sit for the NCLEX.  Likewise, several nurses who need to retake the NCLEX are unable to obtain authorization to retest.  Further, several nurses who have already taken the exam – some of whom already have job offers – continue to wait anxiously for their licenses.  Meanwhile, the nursing shortage in the State of California continues.

The delay in application processing is especially frustrating for applicants whose applicants  already require additional time to process (i.e., those applicants who had to retake the NCLEX, applicants who disclosed prior convictions on their application, etc.).   We are experiencing an even greater delay in obtaining Statements of Issues and hearings dates for nurses whose applications have been denied.

The situation at the BRN has come to the attention of California State Assembly Member Kristin Olsen.  Assemblymember Olsen has  requested the Joint Legislative Audit Committee to review the policies and procedures at the DCA.  Read more about Assemblymember Olsen’s efforts on behalf of applicants before the Board of Registered Nursing.

Professional licensing attorney Kevin Cauley represents nurses and other healthcare professionals with licensing issues at different stages of the process.  Contact us if you are seeking to appeal the denial of an application, under investigation, need representation at a disciplinary hearing, or need to appeal a negative determination.  We provide each of our clients with hands-on, personalized service and work zealously to protect our clients’ interests.

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