There have been quite a few cases of medical professionals facing accusations of sexual assault from former patients that have made national news. However, this is not a problem that occurs just in other states. California is also seeing a surge in the number of assault accusations against those in the medical field. KTLA explains it is not just a few more cases but that sexual misconduct complaints since 2017 have gone up by 62%.

Experts tend to link this uptick in cases to the #MeToo movement, which also spawned a large number of complaints in the entertainment industry. Victims feel more comfortable coming forward now, which is allowing many more to step up than ever before.

You can file a complaint with the Medical Board. It will research complaints, but it does not go looking for cases. You have to speak up first to prompt the Board to do anything. A physician can lose his or her license when an accusation is found to be true. You could help save numerous other people from having to go through the horrors of an assault.

Being vocal about things you do not like at the time they happen is also a smart idea that can stop abuse before it happens. You have every right to question anything your doctor does. Most doctors who are caring and professional will explain what they are doing and keep you aware of why they may be examining you or touching you in a certain way. If you feel uncomfortable, though, you always have the right to speak up.